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School of Natural Resources and Environment

School of Natural Resources and Environment

Adding captions to your presentation

We will be using the Live Transcript service by Zoom to provide captioning for talks. Sometimes, the live transcript produces errors, especially with some scientific jargon.


If you would like to add captions directly to your presentation, there are a few options. For both options, you may want to leave some space at the bottom of your presentation so the captions do not obscure your content.


The following information has been condensed from a guide by Dr. Mary Salcedo.

Option 1 Create captions from Zoom auto-generated transcript:

Record your video to the cloud. The audio transcript will be auto-generated, but will likely not be available until several hours after you have finished recording. Once the transcript is available, you can edit it for corrections. Then, you must make some edits to the output file, and use different software (MyMediaSite, available through UF) to add the captions to your video.

Here is a helpful document walking you through the process:

The information for MyMediaSite at UF is here:


Option 2 Write your own captions using Youtube and HandBrake:

First, upload your video to your Youtube account (you can keep this, and all your videos private; there is no need to publish the video). Click “Manage videos”

See this tutorial video of transcribing a zoom recording using YouTube:

Click “Save draft” when finished -- and then you can download the transcription file (.srt) by clicking on the “^” button. 

Download and start-up Handbrake, follow this step-by-step guide for adding the .srt caption file to your video file: