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School of Natural Resources and Environment

School of Natural Resources and Environment

Preparing your Talk Using Zoom:

Talks should be no more than 10 minutes long, and Lightning talks should be no more than 5 minutes long. Question and answer sessions are held after presentations, so you may use the entire time duration (10 or 5 minutes) for your recording.

When you are ready to record, log onto your UF Zoom account and click “HOST A MEETING”.

Within zoom, use the “share screen” option to share your presentation, and be sure to unmute the microphone.

If you have video recording capability, we encourage you to have your video on to record your face while giving the talk.

  • If you choose to record to the cloud, the video of your face will appear on a panel to the right of your presentation (see example)

decorative image

  • If you choose to record to your computer, the video of your face will appear in the corner on top of your presentation. Please leave space on the presentation for your face if recording to your local computer, so it does not obscure any content.

decorative image

Press “Record” to start recording your talk.

We recommend recording a short 15-30 second video running quickly through the presentation as a test to be sure you are satisfied with the placement of your video on your presentation.

Recordings to your personal computer will be available in the folder you specify.

Recordings to the cloud will be available in your UF Zoom account under “Recordings”. Download the .mp4 file (“Shared screen with speaker view”). Refer to this section to add captions to your talk.

Presenters will be sent a link to upload their .mp4 file. Please use the following file name format:

“Lastname_firstname_BriefTitle”, for example: Claunch_Natalie_ThermalInvaders.mp4