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School of Natural Resources and Environment

School of Natural Resources and Environment

Dual Degree Applicants

Any student who majors in environmental science (BA or BS) and another degree program will be required to complete a Dual Degree application, not a Double Major application. Our school (SNRE) use to be an academic college, thus, due to history, our environmental science majors are only Dual Degrees (even if they are a major within CALS.)

Please complete the Dual Degree application. It can be found at

Important notes:

  • Please see “Eligibility and Required Signatures” on page 1 of the Dual Degree application. You will need to submit your Dual Degree application between 45 and 96 hours earned (excludes AP, IB, AICE, Dual enrollment, etc.)
  • Make sure to complete the tracking courses for each major before submitting your Dual Degree application.
  • Please continue to communicate with both academic advisors on a regular basis, so they can assist you with the application and processes.
  • Make sure to have a minimum of 15 unique hours for each major (tracking courses do not count) and to graduate in the same semester or year (otherwise you may need to pay back excess surcharge tuition).

For assistance in the Dual Degree application, and the process, please contact the SNRE office and the academic advisor. Please call us at 352-392-9230.