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School of Natural Resources and Environment

School of Natural Resources and Environment

SNRE IE Seminar

All seminars are on Mondays from 1:55-2:45 p.m. in either McCarty Hall A or McCarty Hall D.

*Seminar schedule is subject to change. If you have any questions, please call us at 352-392-9230.

Presenter/Presentation Title

January 6, 2020

McCarty A 2196


January 13, 2020

McCarty A 2196

Bette Loiselle, Ph.D.

Uf's Tropical Conservation and Development Program: bridging theory and practice to address challenges to socio-environmental systems

January 20, 2020


No Seminar - MLK Jr Day

January 27, 2020

McCarty D G001

Michael Esbach, Ph.D.

Hunting for Justice: Supporting Indigenous Self-Determination in the Amazon of Ecuador

February 3, 2020

McCarty A 2196

Luke McEachron, Ph.D.

Reef fish spatial distributions throughout the Florida Keys in the context of matrix effects, trophic dynamics, and complementary modeling techniques

February 10, 2020

McCarty A 2196


February 17, 2020

McCarty A 2196

Ellen Bledsoe, Ph.D.

The Role of Patch-and Landscape-level Processes in Shaping Desert Rodent Communities

February 24, 2020

McCarty D G001

Juliana Bedoya-Duran, Ph.D.

Privately Protected Areas & Shade-Grown Coffee in the Andes of Colombia: Perspectives on their Conservation Value from Groud Birds & Mammals

March 3, 2020


No Seminar - Spring Break

March 9, 2020

McCarty D G001

 Holden Harris, Ph.D.

Factors Affecting the Development of a Commercial Invasive Lionfish Fishery in the Northern Gulf of Mexico

March 16, 2020

McCarty D G001

 Caroline Poli, Ph.D.

The Roles of Habitat Quality and Perception for Understanding Dispersal and Connectivity Across Landscapes

March 23, 2020

McCarty D G001

 Kwanmok Kim, IE doctoral candidate

Does the Structural Complexity of Oyster Clusters Affect Species Composition?

March 30, 2020

McCarty D G001

Arjun Srivathsa, Ph.D.

Saving the Underdogs: A Multi-Scale Approach to Inform Strategies for Conserving the Endangered Asiatic Wild Dog

April 6, 2020

McCarty D G001

Angelica Garcia Villacorta, IE doctoral candidate

Factors Affecting the Spatial Distribution, Cultural Perceptions, and Sustainability of Palm Management in Madre de Dios, Peru

April 13, 2020

McCarty D G001

 Allison Durland Donahow, Ph.D.

Effects of Domestication on Life History Trait Tradeoffs in the Trinidadian Guppy (Poecilia reticulata) with Implications for Invasiveness in Florida

April 20, 2020

McCarty D G001

 Jessica Hightower, Ph.D.

Oil Palm, Logging and Birds: The Response of Bird Communities to Land Use Change in Borneo

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