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School of Natural Resources and Environment

School of Natural Resources and Environment

Previous Dissertations and Theses

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Bedoya Duran, Maria Juliana
Ph.D. Dissertation: Privately protected areas, shade coffee, and the conservation of ground birds and medium to large mammals in the western Andes of Colombia
Advisor: Lyn Branch, Wildlife Ecology and Conservation

DeLong, Alia N
Ph.D. Dissertation: Farmer Decision-Making: A New Generation of New and Beginning Farmers
Advisor: Marilyn Swisher, Family, Youth and Community Sciences 

De Vito, Lauren
M.S. Thesis: Land and vegetation change from regional to local scales in Ecuador 
Advisor: Matt Cohen, Forest Resources and Conservation

Durland Donahou, Allison
Ph.D. Dissertation: Effects of Domestication on the Guppy Poecilia reticulata with Implications for Invasiveness
Advisor: Jeff Hill, Fisheries and Aquatic Science

Eastman, Scott
M.S. Thesis: A Comparative Study of the Loggerhead Sea Turtle (Caretta caretta) Nesting on Undeveloped and Developed Beaches in Northeast Florida
Advisor: Raymond Carthy, Wildlife Ecology and Conservation

Esbach, Michael
Ph.D. Dissertation: Hunting for Justice: Cofan Subsistence, Sustainability, and Self-Determination in the Ecuadorian Amazon
Advisor: Bette Loiselle, Wildlife Ecology and Conservation

Harris, Holden E
Ph.D. Dissertation: Viability and Effectiveness of a Commercial Fishery to Mitigate Invasive Lionfish in the Northern Gulf of Mexico
Advisor: Mike Allen, Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences

Hightower, Jessica 
Ph.D. Dissertation: The Response of Bird Communities to Logging, Fragmentation, and Conversion to Oil Palm Plantations in Borneo
Advisor: Rob Fletcher, Wildlife Ecology and Conservation

Jamal, Fatemah 
Ph.D. Dissertation: Ecology and Systematics of Irregular Echinoids (Echinoids, Echinodermata) and Associated Pea Crabs (Crustacea, Arthropoda) from the Gulf of Mexico and Bahamas 
Advisor: Michal Kowalewski, Florida Museum of Natural History

Kim, Kwanmok 
Title: How does Refuge Shape, Abundance, and Arrangement Affect Species Diversity in an Oyster Reef System
Advisor: Peter Frederick, Wildlife Ecology and Conservation

Kirk, Lily
Ph.D. Dissertation: Metabolism in Subtropical Lowland Rivers
Advisor: Matt Cohen, Forest Resources and Conservation

Marconi, Sergio
Title: Disentangling the Role of Ecological Drivers on Forest Biological Dimensions across Scales
Advisor: Ethan White, Wildlife Ecology and Conservation

McCallister, Lorna
M.S. Thesis: Effects of Land Use and Land Cover Change on Insect and Avian Pollinator Communities.
Advisor: Robert McCleery, Wildlife Ecology and Conservation 

McEachron, Lucas
Ph.D. Dissertation: Reef Fish Spatial Distributions Throughout the Florida Keys in the Context of Matrix Effects, Trophic Dynamics, and Complementary Modeling Techniques
Advisor: Robert Fletcher, Wildlife Ecology and Conservation

McGrew, Alicia
Ph.D. Dissertation: Taxonomic, Phylogenetic, and Size-Based Approaches to Characterizing Aquatic Community Structure
Advisor: Ben Baiser, Wildlife Ecology and Conservation

Nhleko, Zoliswa Nombulelo 
Ph.D. Dissertation: Understanding and Responding to South Africa's White Rhino Poaching Crisis
Advisor: Robert McCleery, Wildlife Ecology and Conservation

Nunez Godoy, Cristina
Ph.D. Dissertation: Improving Payments for Ecosystem Service Programs in a Global Deforestation Hotspot: The Gran Chaco of Argentina
Advisors: Elizabeth Pienaar, Wildlife Ecology and Conservation; Lyn Branch, Wildlife Ecology and Conservation

Pepper, Alex
M.S. Non-Thesis: Exotic pet ownership in Florida: A comprehensive guide​
Advisor: Steve Johnson, Wildlife Ecology and Conservation

Peralta, Percy
Ph.D. Dissertation: What Incentivizes Eco-Friendly Coffee Practices in the Peruvian Tropical Andes?: Socioeconomic and Environmental Sustainability of Smallholder Coffee Production in the Satipo Province, Peru
Advisor: Karen Kainer, Forest Resources and Conservation

Pinheiro, Felipe Machado 
Ph.D. Dissertation: Silvopastoral Management of the Brazilian Drylands: Soil Carbon Sequestration and Farmer-Managed Restoration of Native Vegetation
Advisor: P.K. Nair, Forest Resources and Conservation

Poli, Caroline
Ph.D. Dissertation: The Roles of Habitat and Individual-Based Traits for Understanding Survival and Connectivity across Landscapes
Advisor: Rob Fletcher, Wildlife Ecology and Conservation

Smithers, Cherice
M.S. Thesis: Drivers of Diversity and Composition of Native Bee Communities In Fire-Maintained Pine Savanna
Advisor: Ben Baiser, Wildlife Ecology and Conservation

Srivathsa, Arjun S.
Ph.D. Dissertation: Saving the Underdogs: a Multi-Scale Approach to Inform Strategies for Conserving the Endangered Asiatic Wild Dog
Advisor: Madan Oli, Wildlife Ecology and Conservation

Toh, Kok Ben
Ph.D. Dissertation: Predicting Malaria: Models and Their Applications
Advisor: Denis Valle, Forest Resources and Conservation

White Rose, Elizabeth
Ph.D. Dissertation: Population Characteristics, Movement Behavior, and Resource Selection of Florida Burrowing Owls Breeding in Suburban and Pastureland Habitats
Advisor: Raoul Boughton, Wildlife Ecology and Conservation



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Alvarez Aleman, Anmari
Ph.D. Dissertation: Population Genetics and Conservation of the West Indian Manatee (Trichechus manatus) in Cuba
Advisor: Tom Frazer, Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences/SNRE

Brown, Hannah O.
Ph.D. Dissertation: Collaborating for Oyster Sustainability: A mixed-methods analysis of stakeholder communication and preference for future management outcomes on the Gulf Coast
Advisor: Susan Jacobson, Wildlife Ecology and Conservation

Dahl, Kristen
Ph.D. Dissertation: Life History and Ecology of Invasive Lionfish Populations in the Northern Gulf of Mexico: Impacts to Native Reef Fish Communities and their Potential Mitigation
Advisor: Will Patterson, SFRC/FAS

Haro-Carrion, Xavier
Ph.D. Dissertation: Land and vegetation change from regional to local scales in Ecuador 
Advisor: Jane Southworth, Geography

Hazan, Flavio
Master's Thesis: Evaluating Water Quality Impacts in Master Planned Communities Using the Watershed Assessment Model Advisor: Pierce Jones, Resource Efficient Communities

Kadagi, Nelly Isigi
Ph.D. Dissertation: Contextualizing Socio-Ecological Interactions in Recreational and Artisanal Fisheries: Implications for Sustainable Use and Management of Billfish in the Western Indian Ocean 
Advisor: Rob Ahrens, Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences

Malone, Kristen
Ph.D. Dissertation: Ground-Nesting Birds in Southeastern Pine Savanna: Predation and Habitat Management Advisor: Kathryn Sieving, Wildlife Ecology and Conservation

Maynard, Lily
Ph.D. Dissertation: Are Zoos Conservation Leaders? Using Organizational Conservation Identity and Social Network Analysis to Assess Zoos’ Collective Impact
Advisor: Susan Jacobson, Wildlife Ecology and Conservation

Meiners, Joan
Ph.D. Dissertation: Data Dynamics of Bee Biodiversity: Understanding Native Bee EcologyAdvisor: Morgan Ernest, Wildlife Ecology and Conservation

Mosso, Clara
Master's Thesis: Urban Expansion Into Native Forests in Patagonia, Argentina: Assessing Environmental Policy Challenges at National And Local Levels
Advisor: Mark Hosteler, Wildlife Ecology and Conservation  

Quincy, Kaitlyn
M.S. Thesis:
Advisor: Stephen Enloe, Agronomy

Singer, Randal
Ph.D. Dissertation: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Increasing Biodiversity Collections' Sustainability using Computational and Survey Methods 
Advisor: Larry Page, Florida Museum of Natural History

Taylor, Shawn
Ph.D. Dissertation: Forecasting Plant Phenology: an Assessment of Data Sources and Estimators, and a Fully Automated Implementation
Advisor: Ethan White, Wildlife Ecology and Conservation 


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Adair, Robyn
M.S. Thesis: Field Evaluation of Cover Crops for Nematode and Weed Management in Florida and Haiti
Advisor: Marilyn Swisher, Family, Youth, and Community Sciences; Carlene Chase, Horticulture Sciences

Adler, Jennifer
Ph.D. Dissertation: Water's Story: an interdisciplinary approach combining springs science, communications, and environmental education
Advisor: Tom Frazer, Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences/SNRE

Ávila, Susana Hervas
Ph.D. Dissertation: Understanding Stakeholder Conflict in the Gulf of Mexico Red Snapper Fishery 
Advisor: Kai Lorenzen, Fisheries and Aquatic Science

Bailey, Karen
Ph.D. Dissertation: Understanding drivers and consequences of adaptation to drought in Swaziland
Advisor: Bob McCleery, Wildlife Ecology and Conservation

Borden, Jesse 
M.S. Thesis: Ecological Disturbances and Canopy Communities
Advisor: Brett Scheffers, Wildlife Ecology and Conservation

Chidakel, Alex 
Ph.D. Dissertation: Institutions, Governance, and the Economic Performance of Protected Areas in Southern Africa
Advisor: Brian Child, Geography

Desormeaux, Amanda
Ph.D. Dissertation: Quantification and Source Identification of Nitrate Leached in the Vadose Zone of a Karst Springshed
Advisor: James Jawitz, Soil and Water Sciences

Duan, Leilei
M.S. Thesis: Examine Urban Allocation Outcomes with Sea Level Rise Scenarios in City of Tampa
Advisor: Paul Zwick, College of Design, Construction & Planning

Fahey, Catherine 
Ph.D Dissertation: The Effects of Plant Invasion and Drought on Plant-Soil Interactions
Advisor: Luke Flory, Agronomy

Fiorini, Ana Carolina Oliveira 
Ph.D. Dissertation:  Brazilian Forest Code Instruments Used to Promote Atlantic Forest Restoration: A Study in Rio Claro Municipality
Advisor: Jack Putz, Department of Biology 

Glodzik, Katie 
Ph.D. Dissertation: Impacts of Saltwater Intrusion and Hydrologic Change to Salt Marsh and Coastal Forest of Florida's Big Bend 
Advisor: David Kaplan, Environmental Engineering Sciences

Hill, Melissa 
M.S. Thesis: Determining Property Owners' Attitudes of Adopting Conservation Easements to Protect Sea Turtle Nesting Habitat
Advisor: Martha Monroe, School of Forest Resources and Conservation

Ludgate, Nargiza
Ph.D. Dissertation: Gender Roles in Household Water Resource Management in Water-Scarce Countries: Does Greywater Treatment Technology Empower Rural Women in Jordan?
Advisor: Sandra Russo, International Center

Maneval, Paul 
M.S. Thesis: Influences of genotype, nursery design, and location on the growth of Acropora cervicornis fragments
Advisor: Tom Frazer, Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences/SNRE

Muyengwa, Shylock 
Ph.D. Dissertation: Elite Capture of Community Based Natural Resources Management Projects in Southern Africa
Advisor: Brian Child, Geography

Pinheiro, Paula Soares 
Ph.D. Dissertation: Decentralization of rights to communities in the co-management of natural resources in the Lower Juruá Extractive Reserve, central-west Brazilian Amazon: implications for natural resource conservation
Advisor: Stephen Perz, Sociology and Criminology & Law 

Rubino, Elena 
Ph.D. Dissertation: Incentivizing Rhinoceros Conservation among Private Landowners in South Africa
Advisor: Elizabeth Pienaar, Wildlife Ecology and Conservation 

Rueda, Farah Carrasco
Ph.D. Dissertation: Land-use Change and Bat Biodiversity: Understanding Patterns, Drivers, and Impacts of Mitigation Efforts 
Advisor: Bette Loiselle, Wildlife Ecology and Conservation

Schuman, Carrie
Ph.D. Dissertation: Ecosystem Service Provision by the Eastern Oyster, Crassostrea virginica, within the St. Augustine Region of Florida
Advisor: Shirley Baker, Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences

Scott, Raymond 
M.S. Thesis: Non-thesis Project
Advisor: Tom Frazer, Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences/SNRE

Shapiro, Julie 
Ph.D. Dissertation: Bats in a Changing World: Where They Go, What They Bring, and How They Impact People 
Advisor: Bob McCleery, Wildlife Ecology and Conservation

Smith, Austin
M.S. Thesis: Niche Modeling of Released Chukar Partridge (Alectoris chukar) in North America
Advisor: Wendell Crooper, Forest Resources and Conservation 

Somjee, Ummat 
Ph.D. Dissertation: The Hidden Consequences of Exaggerated Sexually Selected Weapons 
Advisor: Christine Miller, Entomology and Nematology

Szabo, Andrea 
M.S./J.D.: Non-thesis Project
Advisor: Alison Adams, School of Forest Resources and Conservation 

Thomas, Shelby
M.S. Thesis: More than the Eye Can See: Gross and Radiographic Observations of Shell-Boring Parasites Cliona, Diplothyra, and Polydora in Eastern Oyster, Crassostrea Virginica, Reveal Dynamics of Shell Damage
Advisor: Andy Kane, Emerging Pathogens Institut

Veras Mena, Daniel 
M.S. Thesis: Influence of Sponges on the Performance of Nursery-reared Staghorn Coral (Acropora cervicornis)
Advisor: Tom Frazer, Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences/SNRE 

Wilkinson, Krystan
Ph.D. Dissertation: Understanding Risk Mitigation by Common Bottlenose Dolphins (Tursiops Truncatus) in Sarasota Bay, Florida through Analysis of Group Size, Habitat Use, and Perinatal Movements
Advisor: Bill Pine, Wildlife Ecology and Conservation 



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Avila-Segura, Laura 
Ph.D. Dissertation: Stingless Bee Foraging Ecology in Tropical Agricultural Landscapes 
Advisor: Glenn Hall, Entomology and Nematology 

Berkebile, Nathan
M.S. Thesis: Ecology and Distribution of the Florida Sea Cucumber, Holothuria floridana, in Seagrass and Hard-bottom Communities of the Florida Keys
Advisor: Donald Behringer, Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences

Guan, Jing
Ph.D. Dissertation: Quantifying the Effects of Epiphytic Algae on the Growth of a Submersed Macrophyte
Advisor: Tom Frazer, Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences/SNRE

Hallett, Matt
Ph.D. Dissertation: Population Size, Spatial Distribution, Space Use, Human/Wildlife Conflict, Protection and Planning Related to Jaguars in Guyana, South America
Advisor: John Blake, Wildlife Ecology and Conservation

Hernandez, Felipe 
Ph.D. Dissertation: Anthropogenic Factors as Disruptors of Ecosystem Health: Effects of Contaminants in Raccoons (Procyon lotor) and Pathogen Pollution by Invasive Feral Swine (Sus scrofa) in Southeastern United States
Advisor: Sam Wisely, Wildlife Ecology and Conservation

Hyman, Alex 
Master's Thesis: Seagrass Ecology 
Advisor: Michal Kawalewski, Florida Museum of Natural History

Karelus, Dana
Ph.D. Dissertation: Black Bear Home Ranges and Habitat Use
Advisor: Madan Oli, Wildlife Ecology and Conservation

Lastinger, Cody
M.S. Non-Thesis: Improving Hack and Squirt Technologies for Management of Woody Invasive Plants in Florida 
Advisor: Stephen Enloe, Center for Aquatic and Invasive Plants

Loggins, Annie
M.S. Thesis: Savanna Vegetation Shapes Small Mammal Communities and Foraging Behaviors
Advisor: Bob McCleery, Wildlife Ecology and Conservation

Marquez Garcia, Marcela Andrea
Ph.D. Dissertation: Attitudes and Factors Influencing Behavior Change of Wine Producers Toward the Conservation of Chile's Mediterranean Habitat
Advisor: Susan Jacobson, Wildlife Ecology and Conservation 

McBride, Jennifer 
M.S. Thesis: Submerged Aquatic Vegetation Growth in Spring-Fed Rivers  
Advisor: Matt Cohen, Forest Resources and Conservation

McCarthy, James
Ph.D. Dissertation: The Dynamics of Corporate Sustainability and Profitability
Advisor: Robert Ries, Construction Management

Mulindahabi, Felix
M.S. Thesis: Assessment of the Impacts of the Conservation of Protected Areas to the Improvement of Livelihoods of Adjacent Communities of the Nyungwe National Park, Rwanda
Advisor: Brian Child, Geography

Rios Marin, Maria Constanza 
Ph.D. Dissertation: From Individual Decisions to Collective Action for Biodiversity Conservation: Networks of Reserves of the Civil Society in Colombia
Advisor: Karen Kainer, Forest Resources and Conservation, Latin American Studies 

Rodrigues, Camila 
M.S. Thesis: Livelihood Strategies of Family Farmers across the Amazon Frontier of Malo Grosse 
Advisor: Stephen Perz, Sociology 

Stanton, Richard  
Ph.D. Dissertation: Effects of Shrub Encroachment in Grass-Dominated Biomes on Vertebrate Communities
Advisor: Rob Fletcher, Wildlife Ecology and Conservation

Van Treese, Jeffrey
Ph.D. Dissertation: Environmental Horticulture
Advisor: Andrew Koeser, Landscape Conservation and Ecology

Wang, Jinghui
M.S. Thesis: Economic Analysis of Tomato Production with Anaerobic Soil Disinfestation  
Advisor: Zhifeng Gao, Food and Resource Economics 

Wilson, Chris
Ph.D. Dissertation: Ecology and Management of Soil Carbon on Rachlands of Florida, USA
Advisor: Luke Flory, Agronomy 



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Anderson, C. Jane
Ph.D. Dissertation: Ecology and Impacts of Introduced Non-Human Primate Populations in Florida
Advisor: Steve Johnson, Wildlife Ecology and Conservation

Anderson, John D. 
Ph.D. Dissertation: Ecosocial Determinants of Environmental Exposure to Diarrheal Disease
Advisor: Richard Rheingans, Environmental & Global Health

Archer, Jan-Michael
M.S. Thesis: A Systematic Review of Forest Bird Occurrence in North American Forest Fragments and the Built Environment 
Advisor: Mark Hostetler, Wildlife Ecology and Conservation

Burja, Kristina
M.S. Thesis: Conservation Education at Tsavo West National Park, Kenya: A Case Study
Advisor: Martha Monroe, Forest Resources and Conservation

Chaves Didier, Willandia 
Ph.D. Dissertation: Wild Meat Consumption in the Central Amazon, Brazil: Evaluating Drivers and Conservation Strategies 
Advisor: Katie Sieving, Wildlife Ecology and Conservation

Crandall, Chelsey
Ph.D. Dissertation: Stakeholder Engagement in Fisheries Management
Advisor: Kai Lorenzen, Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences

Haase, Catherine 
Ph.D. Dissertation: Effects of the Spatial Configuration of Forage and Thermal Habitats on the Behavior of the Florida Manatee
Advisor: Rob Fletcher, Wildlife Ecology and Conservation

Cummings, Katy
M.S. Thesis: Ecological Fidelity of Death Assemblages: Can Mollusks be Used to Assess Changes in Seagrass Ecosystems?
Advisor: Michael Kowalewski, Geological Sciences; Tom Frazer, School of Natural Resources and Environment

Fang, Yu
Ph.D. Dissertation: Human Population Spatio-Temporal Distribution Embedded Within Water Networks 
Advisor: Jim Jawitz, Soil and Water Science 

Gelin Spessot, Maria Laura  
M.S. Thesis: Response of Pumas (Puma concolor) to the Migration of Guanacos (Lama Guanicoe) in Patagonia
Advisor: Lyn Branch, Wildlife Ecology and Conservation

Gottlieb, Isabel
M.S. Thesis: Implications of Future Biofuels Expansion on Avian Communities in the Southeastern U.S. 
Advisor: Rob Fletcher, Wildlife Ecology and Conservation

Hiatt, Drew 
M.S. Thesis: Invasive Plant Populations and Co-Occurring Native Species Vary in Phenotypic Plasticity
Advisor: Luke Flory, Agronomy 

Knowles, Hal
Ph.D. Dissertation: From Development Density to Consumption Complexity: Using Visualization Tools and Nonlinear Analyses to Compare Resource Efficiency in Urban Communities and Buildings
Advisor: Mark Hostetler, Wildlife Ecology and Conservation

Laing, Joelle
Ph.D. Dissertation: Relationships between Sediment Redox Potential and Vegetation Characteristics in Florida Spring Systems: Implications for Restoration
Advisor: Tom Frazer, School of Natural Resources and Environment

Langston, Jaqueline
M.S. Thesis: The Effect of the Non-Native Mayan Cichlid Cichlasoma Urophthalmus on the Nesting and Parental Care of the Spotted Sunfish Lepomis Punctatus
Advisor: Tom Frazer, School of Natural Resources and Environment

Littles, Chanda
Ph.D. Dissertation: An Investigation of Wintering Florida Manatee Population Dynamics at Multiple Scales
Advisor: Tom Frazer, School of Natural Resources and Environment

Montes, Nancy
Ph.D. Dissertation: Analyzing the Distribution of Recreational Boating off the Coast of Northeast Florida to Determine its Implications for the Conservation of the North Atlantic Right Whale
Advisor: Bob Swett, Forest Resources and Conservation

NeSmith, Julienne
M.S. Thesis: Tree Regeneration Response to Cogon Grass Invasion Along a Soil Moisture Gradient
Advisor: Luke Flory, Agronomy

Nunez, Leroy
M.S. Thesis: Molecular Analyses of Three Non-Indigenous Squamate Species in Florida: Testing Various Hypotheses Regarding Species Introductions
Advisor: Kenneth Krysko, Florida Museum of Natural History

Nunez Godoy, Cristina
M.S. Thesis: Wildlife Friendly Certification: A Case Study of Patagonian Cashmere Producers and Buyers 
Advisor: Karen Kainer, Forest Resources and Conservation, Latin American Studies

Nunez-Regueiro, Mauricio
Ph.D. Dissertation: Regional and Global Effects of Biofuel Production and Expansion 
Advisor: Rob Fletcher, Wildlife Ecology and Conservation

Sobreiro da Silva, Thaissa
Ph.D. Dissertation: Indigenous Mobilization and Multi-Local Livelihood Strategies in the Middle Rio Negro, Amazonas, Brazil
Advisor: Stephen Perz, Sociology and Criminology and Law

Souza, Thiago Do Val S.
Ph.D. Dissertation: Recreation Classification, Tourism Demand and Economic Impact Analyses in Protected Areas of Brazil
Advisor:  Brijesh Thapa, Dept of Tourism, Recreation, and Sport Management

Timpe, Kelsie
M.S. Thesis: How are Dams Changing the Ecohydrology of Amazonian Rivers? A Comprehensive Review of Environmental Flows Management in the Brazilian Amazon
Advisor: David Kaplan, Environmental Engineering Sciences

Vincent, Christopher
Ph.D. Dissertation: Wind and Light Stress in Papaya as Influenced by Intercropping: Stress Priming and Photosynthetic Acclimation
Advisor: Bruce Schaffer, Horticultural Sciences, Tropical REC

West, Thales
Ph.D. Dissertation: Deforestation and Payment for Environmental Services
Advisor: Jack Putz, Biology

Williams, Rebecca J.
Ph.D. Dissertation: The Gift of More Time: The Influence of Eco-Stove Improved Cookstoves on Women's Time Poverty and Agency in Indigenous Lenca Communities in Intibuca, Honduras
Advisor: Sandra Russo, Women's Studies

Xu, Yiming
Ph.D. Dissertation: Predicting Soil Properties and Soil Quality by Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques in South India 
Advisor: Scott Smith, Forest Resources & Conservation


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Bauman, Michael L.
M.S. Thesis: Where Should the Forests Grow: Socio-Ecological Forest Conservation Planning Using Biodiversity, Landholder, and Agency-Based Priorities in Los Santos, Panama
Advisor: Stephanie Bohlman, Forest Resources and Conservation

Bouchillon, Rachel
M.S. Thesis: Florida Gulf Coast Oysters and Freshwater River Flow Modeling
Advisor: Bill Pine, Wildlife Ecology and Conservation

Cao, Baijing
Ph.D. Dissertation: Soil Carbon Modeling Along Ecological, Climatic, and Biotic Trajectories at a Continental Scale
Advisor: Sabine Grunwald, Soil and Water Science

Delaney, John Patrick
M.S. Thesis: Using GIS to Assess Nest Site Selection and Nest Abundance by American Alligators (Alligator mississippiensis) in Three Central Florida Lakes
Advisor: Franklin Percival, Wildlife Ecology and Conservation

Dornisch, Vanessa
M.S. Thesis: Florida Beach Users’ Perceptions of Beach Ownership, Erosion Management, and Sea Level Rise
Advisor: Bob Swett, Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences

Gonzalez, Oscar
Ph.D. Dissertation: Bird-Flowering Plant Networks in Andean Montane Forests
Advisor: Bette Loiselle, Wildlife Ecology and Conservation

Grade, Aaron M.
M.S. Thesis: Consequences of Anthropogenic Road Noise on Avian Communities
Advisor: Katie Sieving, Wildlife Ecology and Conservation

Lane, Christian
M.S. Thesis: Sturgeon Nutrition
Advisor: Frank Chapman, Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences

Larios, Kalindhi
M.S. Thesis: Florida Wildfires During the Holocene Climatic Optimum
Advisor: Stefan Gerber, Soil and Water Science

Livengood, Elisa
Ph.D. Dissertation: Sustainability of the Global Ornamental Fish Trade through Management, Education, Health and Welfare of the Resource
Advisor:  Frank Chapman, Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences

Luo, Jiexuan
Ph.D. Dissertation: Nitrogen Mass Balance at University of Florida Campus
Advisor: George Hochmuth, Soil and Water Science

Mavah, Germain
Ph.D. Dissertation: Governance for Sustaining Natural Resources: Effectiveness of Community-Based Wildlife Management in the Republic of Congo
Advisor: Brian Child, Geography and Center for African Studies

Monaghan, Kelly
Ph.D. Dissertation: Sustainable Agriculture and Urban-Community Food Systems
Advisor: Mickie Swisher, Family, Youth and Community Sciences

Mortimer, Jessica
M.S. Thesis: The Development and Comparative Analysis of a Rapid Herbaceous Monitoring Method in Lowveld Savanna, South Africa
Advisor: Brian Child, Geography, Center for African Studies

Murillo, Oscar
Ph.D. Dissertation: Demography and Population Dynamics of Peregrine Falcons (Falco peregrinus) in South Scotland
Advisor: Madan Oli, Wildlife Ecology and Conservation

Nifong, Rachel
Ph.D. Dissertation: Analysis of the Relationships Between the Stoichiometry of Whole Ecosystem Metabolism and Primary Producers
Advisor: Matt Cohen, Forest Resources and Conservation

Presser, Jackson
M.S. Thesis: GIS-Based Risk Model for Prediction/Detection of Pythium insidiosum in the Environment
Advisor: Erica Goss, Plant Pathology, Emerging Pathogens Institute

Puls, Danielle
M.S. Thesis: Determining if the Mucilage Caused by a Specific Cyanobacterium is  Inhibiting Sponge Function/Killing Sponge Species in the Florida Bay
Advisor: Donald Behringer, Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences

Quintana, Yasmin 
M.S. Thesis: Fishing Mortality Assessment from Giant Cichlid Artisanal Fishery in Lake Peten Itza, Guatemala
Advisor: Mike Allen, Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences

Rojas Bonzi, Viviana B.
M.S. Thesis: Phylogenetics of the Red-Footed Tortoise
Advisor: Jim Austin, Wildlife Ecology and Conservation

Yuan, Jing 
Ph.D. Dissertation: Metrics of Pattern Loss and Ecosystem Change in the Ridge and Slough Mosaic of the Everglades
Advisor: Matt Cohen, Forest Resources and Conservation

2014 and earlier

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