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School of Natural Resources and Environment

School of Natural Resources and Environment

Previous Technical Papers 

  • 2021

    Logan, Tracey
    M.S. Non-Thesis Paper: Generation of in vitro cell lines, maintenance of lines, and creation of database (download: Tracey Logan)
    Advisor: Robert Ossiboff, Comparative, Diagnostic, and Population Medicine       

    Scherneck, Sam
    M.S. Non-Thesis Paper: International survey explores how risk assessment tools for invasive species can be utilized successfully (download: Sam Scherneck)
    Advisor: Deah Lieurance, Agronomy

  • 2018

    Szabo, Andrea
    M.S. Non-Thesis Paper: Conflict and Collaboration in the Blackfoot and Big Hole Watersheds of Montana, USA (download: Andrea Szabo)
    Advisor: Alison Adams, Forest Resources and Conservation